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Our company carries out the specific field of information technology of software and hardware supply. A small team of talented developers provide our benefits. Our IT solutions are already reached every continent of the world.

What do we do?

What Do We Do?

Unique Solutions

We create bespoke IT software solutions for our clients based on their special needs.

Rapid Application Development

With strong and daily communication, development progress in paralell with the design, during our work experience it prooved to be the fastest and cost effective solution.

Quality Control

Using on-line issue tracking tool Redmine we have a live and efficient communication platform with our customers. Screen sharing solutions provide live access to the client PCs.

Regular Updates

We give fast responses to the customer request, we try to find general solutions for the problems coming up in different places.


Areas of Expertise Experiences
Embarcadero RAD Studio / Delphi / C-Builder Complex "Continous Improvement Process" System
Microsoft C# / C++ / .net Personal Access Control System for Industrial Park
Java / Eclipse / NetBeans Data Visualization with large number of Parameters
Image processing technologies Visualization of Gas Chromatograph Data
Game development Design of Experiments System
Mobile development / Android Overall Equipment Efficiency Tools
Datamining / Analysis PIMS Interfaces
Database Design SQL Interfaces
SQL Advanced Data Migration Tool
MS SQL Server / Oracle / Access / Interbase / Firebird Automatic E-mailer and Fax Services
Yokogawa SAP Interface
WEKA Engine Integration
Soft Sensors
META Learning
Mobile Application and Game Design and Development for Android

Main Office

6600 Szentes
Dr. Uhlár István utca 8.

Do you have a question or are you interested in our services? Are you already a customer? Need to reach our support team? Feel free to contact us!

Ferenc Belteki

+36 (30) 278-93-35

+36 (63) 440-970